Richard Todd

Richard Todd

How much happier the man who believes his native town to be the world than he who aspires to be greater than his nature will allow.” so said Dr Frankenstein, to himself, in his head, after making a botch job of building a man.

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Writer and comic Richard agrees.

A master of menial tasks, it is a tragedy that he ever meddled with ambition. But now it’s alive and he must appease it. In 2016, fresh from the bath, the noted flibbertigibbet blurted out an Edinburgh debut no greater than his nature allowed. Enthusiastic reviews followed and the show was selected by NextUp for their comedy streaming website.

This year, like a piece of forgotten sellotape stuck on a wall, the neurotic ditherer, clings to nothing but his place on the earth; may his grip hold for an hour of art therapy, inner demons and salad.

‘A brilliant observational comic as well as an engaging story teller and marries the two into something wonderfully funny.’ – Kate Copstick, the Scotsman.

‘Constructing complex, bewilderingly intricate sentences from the far reaches of a vast vocabulary, he occasionally calls to mind a persecuted Daniel Kitson, or an intelligent Russell Brand. Ultimately though, Todd emerges as a talent entirely of his own. The left-field subject matter he tackles is rooted in the everyday, and we identify with him for all his wildly eccentric thoughts and behaviour.’ – Lewis Porteous, Fest ****

‘Flashes of brilliance with complex, imaginative surrealism and an endearingly chaotic style.’

– The Skinny

‘An inventive comic thinker’ – Chortle

‘A smart surrealist.’ – Independent

Writer of Spatulahead, broadcast on Channel 4. Featured at Toronto Animation Festival (Official Selection), Melbourne Animation Festival and London International Animation Festival

Winner of the Amused Moose Laugh -Off

Leicester Square New Comedian of the Year Runner Up

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